How to Choose the Right Boat Hatch Cover

Every boat has hatches that are used to protect more important items but they are one of those things that we hardly give any thought to, until they become a problem. You can have the best system installed on your boat but if you get the wrong hatch cover, then you’ll be in for a world of problems. This article will look at several considerations that you need to make when investing in a boat hatch cover.

Size Does Matter

For most sailboats, the hatch cover you choose will be based more on the shape of the hatch rather than the size. Most standard hatches follow a universal size. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t measure your hatch just to be sure. Measure the cover in each direction and write it down. Then verify that the hatch cover you’re buying is the right size.

You must also pay close attention to the shape of the cover. There are five options:

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Trapezoid
  • D-Half Round
  • Round

Hatch Covers Must be Mildew Resistant

The purpose of the cover is to protect the hatch from both UV and mildew. Most people pay close attention to the UV protection but they ignore mildew resistance. However, you need to make sure you are buying a cover that protects the hatch from mildew buildup. This is done by choosing a material that can “breathe.”

Ensure That it’s Tight

This is another reason why it’s so important to measure the hatch cover. You don’t have to get a cover custom made to ensure tightness, but you do need to verify the size of the hatch. If moisture is allowed to get under the cover, you run the risk of mold and damage to the hatch and its contents.

Be Stylish

You need to pay attention to the style of your boat and make sure that the hatch cover matches its style. Fortunately, the basic designs that most online retailers have available will match any sailboat. For instance, our selection is designed to work stylishly with most sailboats.

Stay Within Budget

Compared to other boating costs, the expense of a hatch cover will be minimal. But it’s still important that you factor this into your decision. Don’t overpay for covers. Your best bet is to shop online because local shops are going to cost you twice as much for the same covers.

Furthermore, your hatch cover should come with a warranty. That ensures it is built using the highest quality materials.

The Bottom Line

Most boat owners will not base their boat selection on hatches so it’s going to be an afterthought. I highly recommend that you shop around to find the best hatch covers because their job is just too important to take for granted. Life expectancy is also a big concern. You will spend a little more for higher durability, but the added cost is worth it if you want a dependable hatch cover.

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